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What Are Milestones In Upwork

What Are Milestones In Upwork

Upwork has emerged as one of the biggest freelancing marketplaces. There are many clients who come daily to Upwork to get the highest quality results from their expert freelancers.

There are professional and expert freelancers in every category of this marketplace, so it is true.

When new people come to Upwork and begin providing their services, they will not know about milestones.

The milestones are very significant for every freelancer who provide services on this platform.

Every day, many clients come to the platform to post jobs. Freelancers submit proposals to get work.

In most jobs, the amount is very high.

For example, if a client comes and they will need an android app and the freelancer needs to complete this task in 20 days then milestones are used.

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The milestones are mostly used in big projects.

When a big job is posted and a freelancer applies for the job. If the client accepts the proposal, then the freelancer breaks a project into small tasks, this is called milestones.

For example, if a client needs a 5000 words article with a budget of $150 and the content writer writes the content in 5 days then the writer will break the project into 5 days milestones, which means if they submit 1000 words then the client will pay $30. When a freelancer writes 1000 words, the client pays $30 and the project ends after 5 days. After 5 days, the freelancer receives a total of $150.

This is very convenient for both clients and freelancers.

What are the benefits of milestones for a freelancer?

This is positive because in big jobs some clients cancel orders and freelancers waste their time, money, and effort. Furthermore, they will not receive any payment; however, if they divide a job into smaller tasks and receive payment when the tasks are completed, they will receive payment.

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Which is better option, milestones or project on Upwork?

They’re both better, but if someone delivers an order within a short time period, project option are better.

Both the client and the freelancer need to be satisfied for this to work. When they are both satisfied, the method will be chosen.

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