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Freelance VS Part-Time

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Freelancing is a way to earn money from home. Many people make their careers as a freelancer and earn money by selling their services.

There are many skills available in the market. We need to learn graphic designing, digital marketing, content writing, video editing, music, and many other skills to sell them.

They will sell their services if they have skills. The people aren’t able to work with clients if they have not any sklls.

The majority of people get into freelancing, they have one question in mind that question is whether they should start freelancing or a part-time job.

Both things have a number of differences. We discuss both things but the decision depends on you. People start their careers according to their interests.


There are many online marketplaces like Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, 99design, Toptal, and Freelancer. In these marketplaces, people are able to earn money by providing services.

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If you have an interest in anything, you can start your research online. There are many clients available in every category and they hire other people to complete their work. They charge by the hour and by the project.

People charge money according to the effort and time they put into it. The price also depends on skills and experience. Obviously, the people who are more experienced and have a high rating will demand more.

The minimum charges are $5 and the maximum charges are not accurate because the maximum charges depend on skills.

Most people charge $100 per project and most people charge $1000 per project. The minimum and maximum charges depend on the freelancing platform and skills.


Many people join the job. A lot of companies need part-time workers and have many jobs available. The company doesn’t pay a lot of salary. It takes a lot of effort and time for employees to work in the company. Various companies offer different work and have different salaries.

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The average salary for a part-time job is $300 to $800. This amount is not accurate because the salary depends on the city, experience, and skills.


We discuss both things and we know that both things have differences. You might be confused about which things I choose and how I start making money.

If you are interested in anything, you should consider freelancing. If you are not proficient at using a laptop and you are not very interested in online work then you should consider part-time jobs.

How much money do you earn from part-time or freelancing?

If we talk about income, we think that people earn more money from freelancing. This is because they work according to their skills and if they have more skills then they charge more amounts to their clients and earn more money.

We recommend online work rather than jobs. Working part-time is alright, but we don’t make much money, but online work allows us to make more money from home.

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