What Are Connects On Upwork

What Are Connects On Upwork

Upwork is the most popular platform for freelancers. Professional freelancers work on the platform, offering services in their categories. In the platform, there are many categories, such as designing, digital marketing, data entry, content writing, and many more categories, and sub-categories are available at Upwork.

So many clients come and post a project. The freelancers bid on that project to win a job.

The majority of people have difficulties understanding what Upwork connects and they are confused about them. Some people don’t know about connects, so they waste their connects and lose their money; however, if they use their connects correctly and wisely, then they can easily earn money.

When a client posts a project, freelancers send a job proposal. Whenever a freelancer sends a proposal, two connects are used, and this is called a connect.

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The more jobs you apply the more connects you need.

How many connects do you need to send a proposal?

There is no specific number of connects. In most jobs, 2 connects are needed, but this is also depending upon the job. In big jobs, more connects are used and in small projects, fewer connects are required.

A person needs connects to participate in every project, and without connects, they cannot apply for a job.

Connects are paid but people will get free credits when they create an account. Anyone who creates a new account on Upwork will get free 50 connects for one month. These credits are only valid for one month. In the next month this subscription will expire.

It’s possible to get free connects and this method is for first-time users.

Readiness Test

Upwork has a readiness test where first-time workers can get 50 credits. The newly-registered customer receives free credits, and then applies for the readiness test.

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As part of this test, the platform asks 10 questions about their platform, and if you answer them correctly, you will also receive 40 more connects. That means in the first month people will get a total of 90 free credits.

If people use these credits in the right way, which means they will write the most effective cover letter, and include everything the client will need. As a result, a freelancer can easily get a project and earn a handsome income.

One person sends a proposal and then if the client does not hire that person and hires someone else, the first person wastes their credits.

People who send proposals will be notified when the job has expired. If no freelancer is hired, the platform will return the connects of those who bid on that job.

Another reason is that the platform will give back unused credits that Upwork previously removed a job. When the platform removes a job for any reason, the credits that the freelancer used for a job are returned by Upwork.

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