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Logo Design Proposal Upwork

Logo Design Proposal Upwork

Job 1:

I am looking for a logo designer for my gaming YouTube channel. The logo must be very professional, and attractive. I want an attractive car with blue and red colors in the logo. If you are a professional and can design a gaming logo for my YouTube channel, please send a request with a portfolio.

Proposal 1:


I am here to design your gaming logo for your gaming YouTube channel. I designed your logo in blue and red colors to make it professional and attractive. In addition, I add an attractive car.

I will provide you source file AI, and PSD

I will provide you with JPEG, and PNG format

I will provide you with high quality with 300 DPI

A graphic designer for more than 6 years, I also design business cards, flyers, letterhead etc. I satisfy my clients by providing quality work and fast response.

I will be ready to work with you

Here is my portfolio

Job 2:

I am looking for a logo designer to design a logo for my real estate company. The designer must design the logo with attractive colors and should provide me source file in PNG, and JPEG formats.

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I ask questions of you if you send a proposal, then answer these questions.

Which color mode is most suitable for a logo?

In which software will you design the logo?

Proposal 2:


I am Phill and I will design a logo for your real estate company. In addition to the high quality, source file and PNG formats, the logo that I designed is also available in JPEG, and PNG format.

Quality is significant to me because it is what will satisfy my clients and I will also be satisfied.

You will ask questions I write answers in below

Which color mode is most suitable for a logo?

Every designer uses CMYK color mode because CMYK is used for printing.

In which software will you design the logo?

I design logos in Adobe Illustrator because Illustrator is vector based software.

With my 5 years of experience as a graphic designer, I can design all types of logos. Examples include mascot logos, signature logos, hand drawn logos, and other types of logos that will attract clients.

I am ready to complete this job to your satisfaction.

Thank Regards,


Job 3:

I am opening a water distribution company and I need a logo. I distribute water in America and the logo I need is related to water. The logo is used for print and you will want to design in high quality.

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The logo color is blue with black font.

The font must be premium with license

Proposal 3:

If you are opening a water distribution company and you need a logo for your company then I am available to design a logo for your company. The logo I designed is blue with a black font and represents water. The fonts I use for your logo are premium fonts and I also provide you with licenses.

I will design a very professional logo with high quality and it can be used in printing and the web. I sketch your logo then I trace it in Adobe Illustrator.

I am a graphic designer and I have worked for more than 4 years in this website. I know very much about designing a professional logo for a brand or company.

I have a professional concept in mind for your logo you need to discuss further.

My portfolio

Job 4:

I am John and I am looking for a graphic designer to design the logo for my Amazon store. Kids-related products are sold in the store.

Those with the ability to design a logo for a kids store should submit their proposal. Only experienced designers should submit previous logos related to kids.

Proposal 4:

I am a graphic designer with 7 years of experience and I design logo for your Amazon store.

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It is a store that sells kid-friendly products, and I have a great deal of talent when it comes to creating these types of logos. Additionally, I work on kid-related projects. I will provide source files in AI, and PSD formats with fast response, high quality and client satisfaction.

I give you 5 concepts for your logo and you have a choice to select one.

Feel free to message me, I am available 24/7.

Thank Regards,


Job 5:

My barber shop already has a logo, but I need to create a more modern version.

The logo I need is very eye-catching and full of meaning. I also need a square business card with my newly designed logo.

Send your portfolio.

Proposal 5:

I am John and you will need a logo and square business card for your barber shop. The logo is eye-catching and full of meaning.

I send this proposal because I am willing to design a eye-catchy and meaning full logo. My experience as a graphic designer, I always satisfy my clients by taking the time and effort to design each logo.

I also designed a square business card with your newly designed logo. My services include adding bleeds, trim marks, and safe margins to print your card in high quality.

Here is my portfolio

Let’s get started on your barber logo.

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