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How to Become a Seller On Fiverr

How to become a seller on Fiverr

What is Fiverr

Fiverr is an online freelancing marketplace. People create a gig and when the gig is created then they will upload a gig and then all buyers and sellers see their gig. In Fiverr the sellers don’t need to pay any amount the Fiverr is free for sellers when sellers receive an order then a certain amount of money Fiverr charge.

For Example: The buyer purchase one content writing service and the price is $5 the seller will receive $4 the one dollar is fees.

In this article, we will discuss all things for the seller which will need creating a gig and we also discuss levels on Fiverr and how to get an order from Fiverr.

Fiverr is the best platform for providing services if the gig doesn’t rank then order chances very decreases. In this article, we guide you on how to become a seller on fiverr and these things are perfect for gig SEO.

Are Every Person Sell On Fiverr

Yes, Every person sells on Fiverr but they need skills to provide services. If you are interested in any niche then you need to learn skills then provide services.

What Are Gigs On Fiverr

Fiverr gigs is a name of services provide by sellers and it is a huge marketplace many sellers provide their services. Fiverr allows to create a gig and sell their services.

Services On Fiverr

There are huge categories and subcategories at Fiverr. In Fiverr you will easily provide services in any category and you select according to your interest. If you already have a skilled person then you only need to create a gig.

Below I share some categories and subcategories.

Graphic Design

Logo design, Business Card, Flyer Design, Brochure Design, Resume Design, Photoshop Editing, Podcast Cover Art, Packaging Design, Vector Tracing, InfoGraphic Design, Book Design,Fashion Design, Catalog Design, Signage Design, Pattern Design, Storyboards, illustration, Album Cover Design, Social Media Design, Poster Design, Postcard Design, Invitation Design, etc.

Digital Marketing

Podcast Marketing, Video Marketing, Email Marketing, Text Message Marketing, Crowdfunding, SEM Display Advertising, Marketing Strategy, Surveys, Web Analytics, Influencer Marketing, Community Management, Local SEO, Domain Research, E-Commerce Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Mobile App Marketing, Music Promotion, Web Traffic, Other, All in Digital Marketing Social Media Advertising, Social Media Marketing, SEO, Public Relations Content Marketing, Book & eBook Marketing.

Writing and Translation

Website Content, Product Descriptions, Book & eBook Writing, Book Editing, Resume Writing, Brand Voice & Tone, UX Writing, Email Copy, Technical Writing, White Papers, Sales Copy, Social Media Copy, Podcast Writing, Ad Copy, Cover Letters, Press Releases, Legal Writing, Grant Writing Transcripts, Research & Summaries, Other, All in Writing & Translation, Articles & Blog Posts, Proofreading & Editing, Translation, Case Studies, LinkedIn Profiles, Creative Writing, Beta Reading, Scriptwriting, Business Names & Slogans, e-Learning Content Development, Speech writing.

Video and Animation

Screencasting Videos, Slideshow Videos, App & Website Previews, Drone Videography, Book Trailers, Real Estate Promos, Game Trailers, Product Photography, Local Photography, Other, All in Video & Animation, Whiteboard & Animated, Explainers, Video Editing, Short Video Ads, Animated GIFs, Logo Animation, Intros & Outros, Character Animation, 3D Product Animation, Lyric & Music Videos, Animation for Kids, Animation for Streamers, Live Action Explainers, Spokespersons Videos, Subtitles & Captions, Visual Effects, Lottie & Website Animation, eLearning Video Production, Article to Video, Unboxing Videos.

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Create Your Seller Account

The few things you keep in your mind are don’t create more than one account if the seller creates one account in one email and a second account in the second email on your same pc or laptop then Fiverr blocks your both accounts. Most sellers say that I not receive more orders that means I create another account. The solution is you delete your gig and create a new SEO-friendly gig that helps you to get fast orders on Fiverr.

Select Gig Category

Every people need to select a category to create a gig without a category the gig doesn’t create. If you select your niche then your gig will show only those categories which you select. The seller needs to select the low competition category because the gig ranks fast in low competition categories. For Example: The seller selects a postcard design the postcard is a low competition gig and in this category, the order chances are increased. If you select your category then this will depend on your services.

Add Profile Picture

If you create your account then you will need to add a professional profile picture to your account. The profile picture must be professional and clear. Every seller needs to add a picture in a smiley face with a beautiful background this will give positivity to your profile if you are not adding your picture then you add a professional logo according to your name or services. The logo must be creative and attractive this will also help the buyer for select your services because most buyers check these things.

Add Title

The title is very important for every gig without a title the gig doesn’t create.
In the title, you will add your service name and this will help you to rank your gig. If your title is SEO friendly means you add keywords in your title then this will help you to rank your gig on the first page.

For example: I will design a mascot logo. The mascot logo is a keyword and your service name. The mostly seller also adds a delivery time in their title. For example: I will design a mascot logo in 24 hours. The time will increase order chances because most buyers need fast delivery and if they read your service name maybe they will order your service.

Add Description

In the description, the seller will add their experience, skills, and how many things they are experts in their skills. The description very important in every gig and this will also help to rank the gig. The seller needs to add the professional small article in their gig and cover all things in their description also the seller will add keywords related to their services because the keywords are effect gig ranking. If you are adding your description then you will avoid from copy anything if you have not any idea then you check the gig and how other sellers write but don’t copy you only write in your own words.

Add Packages

The packages are a section where sellers will add service prices, delivery days, revisions, and other important things related to their services. The seller adds service price, delivery days, revisions according to their efforts there has not any restriction to add high or low price but they need to add a minimum $5 price.

In Fiverr there are three types of packages and sellers add packages according to their services.

NO 1 Package

In the first package, 80% of sellers add low prices and the price depends on their services. The seller also adds a name to their packages like: Silver, Basic, Small Pack, First package, and another name as seller wish to add and seller only add one name in one package.

NO 2 Package

In the second package, the sellers add a medium price according to their services. The seller’s select name for medium price packages are Gold, Medium, Second Package, these words are suitable for the second package. In this package, sellers add price, delivery days, revisions, and some other things related to their services.

NO 3 Package

In the third package, the price is high the price high from the first and second packages. In this package, the seller provides all thing and they charge a high amount. For Example: In second package seller doesn’t provide revisions, source file but in third or last package seller provide all thing related to their services and they charge high amount from buyers.

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PDF Portfolio

Every seller needs to create a pdf portfolio according to their services. If you are a seller at Fiverr then you need to add a professional pdf portfolio to your gig. This will show your skills and creativity if you will provide services in any category then you add previous work that will help the buyer for selecting your services. For Example: If you are a graphic designer then you add some graphics in PDF. If you are a content writer then you add some articles in PDF. If you are in any niche you easily add this portfolio to your gig and if you add then the size will be a maximum of 2MB.

Add Gig Thumbnail

The thumbnail on your gig and your work or your gig title was must be written in your gig thumbnail.
If you are in any niche your image must professional and attractive. The size of the Fiverr gig thumbnail is 550 pixels in width and 330 pixels in height. If you are a graphic designer then you will easily design but if you are not designing then you will hire a freelancer and design your thumbnail. This is separate for every gig if you create 5 gigs then you need 5 thumbnails in every separate gig.

Add Tags

This is very important for gig ranking and you will add a minimum of 5 tags per gig. If you provide service then your gig tags are related to your services. This is a form of words.

For Example: If you are a content writer then your tags will be content writing, English, writing, articles, article writing. I only give example in content writing you will select according to your niche. If you add then you will also check other seller’s tags you will open services related to your niche then you check those gigs who are come on the first page then you choose and add in your gig. The tags help the gig to rank on the first page because in tags the main keyword was added and they help the gig ranking

Gig Video

Fiverr provides an opportunity for sellers that is they will upload a video according to their services and professional video increase the order chances. The Fiverr say when seller upload video in their gig then 220% order chances increase this is the value of video at Fiverr. If you will add a video then you will need to create a professional and attractive video if you are not creating then you will hire freelance and they create a video according to your needs. In the video, you will describe your services your name, skills, and show a small amount of your previous work.

The video is no longer 1 minute you need to add a 45 to 55 seconds video because buyers have not more time to see your video they will also see other services or gigs.

Getting Orders

When seller create their gig and they set all things in their gig then they will wait for orders. The new sellers have difficulty getting orders but if they create a perfect gig then they receive very fast orders

Send Buyer Requests

Buyer request is a section where the buyer post a request according to their needs and the seller sends a proposal to achieve the order. The seller add skills, experience, and write some lines to satisfy the buyer also seller add a portfolio link in their proposal. The fast delivery, revisions, are a must in your request.

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Share On Social Media

Every seller needs to share their gig link on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn these platforms help the sellers to get fast orders. The seller also share on forums like Quora, and Medium. In quora you will answer any question related to your services and add your gig link in answer this is the best method for getting an order on Fiverr.

Levels On Fiverr

New Seller

When sellers create a gig and they are new at Fiverr then they are called a new seller. The new seller does not receive more orders because the (new seller) badge shows on the seller profile and the clients do not order their services but most clients order and if you are providing the best services then the client happy with you and gives an honest review on your gig.

If the new seller completes the below requirements then the badge is attached to the seller profile and they are level one seller at Fiverr.

Here are some requirements for a new seller to level One

The seller needs to complete 60 days of active online

The seller complete a minimum of $400

The seller needs a positive rating of 4.7 to 5.0 in their profile

90% on-time delivery in 60 days

The seller avoid warning and if they receive any type of warning then their level doesn’t increase

The 90% response rate in 60 days

Here are the Benefits of New Seller

7 Active Gigs

Send $5,000 Custom Offer

2 Gig Extras

Payment Clears in 14 days

Level One Seller

When sellers create an account and then they will create a gig then they are called a new seller. If you are a new seller and you complete 60 days online, 10 orders, $400, 4.7 positive ratings, 90% on-time delivery in 60 days, 90 response rate in 60 days and avoid warnings. The level one seller receives more orders rather than the new seller and clients believe with the seller because previous clients review their gigs.

Benefits of level One Seller

10 Active Gigs

Payment clears in 14 days

The seller send custom offer up to $5,000

Set 4 gig extras ($5, $10, $20, $40)

The achievement of level one is hard because they need to complete their requirements and if their level was increased then they receive more order, charge high amount from the buyer and some other benefits as I described in my article.

Level Two Seller

The level two is a badge when seller complete their requirements in given time then they are become a level two seller on Fiverr. This is hard to achieve this badge but if the seller are skilled person and they have experience to complete their work then this is easy to achieve this.

Here are requirements of Level Two Seller

Complete minimum 50 order at all time

Seller need to complete 120 days active online

Earn $2,000 money at Fiverr

90% response rate in 60 days

Maintain a High rating of 4.7 to 5.0 in 60 days

90% order completion in 60 days means the seller not cancel more orders

Benefits Of Level Two Seller

15 Gig multiples categories

Fast Custom Support

Send Custom Offers up to $10,000

Receive payments in 14 days

20 Gigs Active Online

($5, $10, $20, $40, $50,) 5 Gig extras

Top-Rated Seller

Top rated is not achieve every one because the achieving this level is very difficult. The seller need to complete all requirements and then they have become a top-rated seller. If you achieve this then you receive more orders, your gig ranks fast, buyers pay a high amount to complete their work.

Here are the requirements of Top Rated Seller

Complete minimum 100 order at all time

Seller need to complete 180 days active online

Earn $20,000 money at Fiverr

90% response rate in 60 days

Maintain a High rating of 4.7 to 5.0 in 60 days

90% order completion in 60 days means the seller not cancel more orders

Benefits of Top Rated seller

20 Gig multiples categories

Fast Custom Support

Send Custom Offers up to $10,000

Receive payments in 7 days

30 Gigs Active Online

($5, $10, $20, $40, $50, $100) 6 Gig extras

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