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Fiverr Gig Not Showing In Search

Fiverr Gig Not Showing In Search

Fiverr is a platform for service providers to sell their services. On Fiverr, there are many categories and every category has a large following. It is common for newly emerged sellers  that their new created gigs not appear in Fiverr search results or to not appear on the first page of Fiverr. There are a few reasons why gigs aren’t displayed in search results, which I discuss below.

Fiverr search does not show the seller’s gigs, and they assume that my gig is not publish or there are some issues on Fiverr platform, but this is not true. If the gig is not visible it does not mean that there are any issue with platform or gig.

I Share Some Reasons Why The Fiverr GIG Does Not Appear In Search Results

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The first reason is that you do not create gig professionally, your gig title is not catchy, and your gig category is very crowded. It is very likely that you will not see your gig if you select high competition keywords. However, if you select low competition keywords, your gig will show in search results on Fiverr.

The second reason is that gig description are not created according to services. Adding keywords to the description will help the gig rank well. Sellers need to add keywords in title, description, tags, and packages.

The third reason is the checking method is wrong. Most people did not search their gig in the right way. When you search for your gig, you should enter the full name of your gig, then your gig is shown. on first page or another pages of Fiverr.

For Example: If you will provide services in logo design and your gig title is “I will design a hand-drawn logo for a restaurant”, then you need to write “hand-drawn logo for restaurant”. in the search box. A seller should check at least five pages, and if they don’t show up their gig it means you not create professional gig.

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Add keywords to the description, low-competition titles, and attractive images.
In Fiverr search, type your full gig title or related keywords to find your gigs.

What are Gig Extras on Fiverr

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