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How to Write Description For Fiverr Gig

How to Write Description For Fiverr Gig

When people create a gig at Fiverr then they will need to add the best description in their every gig but if you don’t add the right description and buyers read your gig description then this will give a negative impact on the buyer, and your order chances decrease because you do not add a right description.

If you read this article then this will help you to how to write the best description for Fiverr.

Say Greetings in Your Description

The first thing which will be important is that you will say greetings in the best way.

For example: Hello, Hi Everyone, Hello There, etc. Most sellers didn’t say greetings. If you not say then this will be the wrong thing.

If you say greetings then don’t say Sir/Madam you do not confirm which people come at your profile male or female. If you are creating your gig then add greetings in your every gig description in your first line then share further information.

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Here are some examples 


Hi There

Hi Everyone

Hello There

Welcome to my gig


Hello Everyone 


Thanks for visiting my gig

Describe Your Services

If you provide services at Fiverr then you will describe your services in every gig description you will need to prove why your service is better than the other seller.

If you describe your services then don’t write an article you will write a maximum of 5 to 6 lines because the buyer has not invested more time in your gig buyers also read other seller’s description then don’t write an article.

Say Promise For Quality Services

Every seller needs to provide quality services if you provide quality services then promise to your buyer.

For example: I am an experienced seller and I provide quality services, I am not satisfied till you are. This is an example you will write as you wish, but you will not copy in any description if you copy then you face a copyright issue.

Avoid Spelling and Grammar Mistakes 

If you write a description for Fiverr then avoid spelling and grammar mistakes.

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If you write wrong spellings, and your grammar will not be perfect then write perfect English for your gig description this will help you increase your order chances and give a positive impact on every buyer. 

Write About Your Skills

Every seller needs to write about their skills in every gig description when buyers come to the gig then they read about the seller’s skills.

The seller who will provide services, and they will not write about their skills than this is a missing thing in their gig which will need to add in the gig description.

Write About Your Experience 

Every seller is experienced in their skill and if you are experienced in your skill then write in your gig description and if you work with any company then you will mention in your gig description this will help the buyer to select your gig. 

Here are some examples to write about your experience

I am a graphic designer with 10+ years of experience and I work with more than 5 companies with different projects.

I am a quality content writer and write 10,000+ articles in more than 5 years with customer satisfaction.

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Here are some Fiverr Gig Description Examples

1st Example


Welcome to my gig

If you need creative and attractive Instagram, Facebook posts? Then you are in the right place. I will provide you Instagram and Facebook posts that will boost your Instagram and Facebook.

Below thing, I am providing you

Creative and attractive posts design

Unlimited revisions

Superfast delivery

Free high-quality images with all packages

Friendly communication

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

No copyright issues

High quality


I am a new seller at Fiverr. I will give you 100 % satisfaction. I will complete your needs as I will give you unlimited revisions. If you have any queries feel free to message me, I will be happy to discuss.

2nd Example 


If you’re looking for an amazing YouTube thumbnail. Then you are in the right place. This offer contains amazing things which you can expect, For $5.

We can create an amazing YouTube thumbnail that grows your channel. My Success is to provide professional and amazing quality design.

What thing did you expect for my GIG?

Unlimited revisions

100% original concepts

Money-back guarantee if not satisfied

Superfast delivery

High-quality files (JPEG, PDF)

Amazing designs

Great communication

Give me a try. You won’t be disappointed. I am not happy till you are.

Contact me, if you have any queries

Why you are waiting for ORDER NOW and get your amazing YouTube thumbnail for your channel.



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