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How To Write Profile Description On Fiverr

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How To Write Profile Description On Fiverr

The peoples provide services in different freelancing marketplaces and they sell their services and satisfy the client. Fiverr is a freelancing platform where sellers create a gig, add packages, description in a gig, and publish a gig then buyers come and they see gigs.

If the buyer satisfies with the seller then they will place an order. In Fiverr you will work with your expertise if you are an expert in your skill then you provide services at Fiverr.

When sellers create a gig and they will not know how they write a Fiverr profile description. In Fiverr your profile description matters on your orders if your profile description doesn’t write correctly then the buyer comes to your profile to check your gig and if they did not satisfy you then your order chances decrease.

In the description, you will add about your experience, skills, and much more. In this article, we will guide you How to write your Fiverr profile description and this will help you to get fast orders and responses from potential buyers. We will also give examples for my knowledge you don’t need to copy anything.


The first thing you need to add in your profile description is you will say the greeting in the best way. For Example: Hello, Hi, Welcome. If you say these words then you don’t write these words like: Sir, Madam, Good morning, Good evening. These all words are not best for your description because In your gig multiple peoples come male or female and they see your complete gig then this is the wrong thing you don’t add sir or madam. The greeting will give a positive impact on the buyer and you will only add in the first line and then write other things.

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If you add then you capitalize your first character like: If you say Hello then H will capitalize and other words are small this is also a good thing.

Here are some greetings to say in your profile description

  • Hi
  • Hello
  • Welcome
  • Hello Everyone
  • Hi Everyone
  • Hey

Write Your Introduction

The buyer does not have knowledge about yourself and you need to introduce yourself in your description and write about your name, country.

The introduction is very necessary for every seller if you write a greeting then the second thing you write is an introduction. When buyers come then they have the interest to read about yourself. This thing also helps you to make your profile better and professional and help the buyer to purchase your services.

If you add your name then you capitalize the first character of your name.

For Example: Your name is John. The first character is J and this must capitalize this is a very small thing and every person knows about this but I will remember you because you write a perfect thing in your profile description.

Here are some examples of saying Introduction

My name is James and I am from Canada.

I am John and I have lived in the USA for the past 5 years. I work with an (example) company in the USA. 

Client Satisfaction

The client will come to your profile and they read your profile description and you need to add a few lines about client satisfaction. 

This is very important for your orders if the client satisfies with you then they place an order you need to write about client satisfaction.

Most sellers copy from other profiles and this is not a good thing or not count in the professional description you only write in your words. 

If you have not any idea then you check other profiles but don’t copy you only check them and then write in your words.

Here are some examples of Client Satisfaction

I am not satisfied till you are.

Client satisfaction is important for me. I take payment when my client is satisfied with me. 

How much money can you make from Fiverr?

The earning your depends on your order if you complete $5 dollar order then you receive $4 dollar $1 is commission on Fiverr. As a beginner you easily earn $50 to $100 dollar a month.

Write About Your Experience

In the online field, the buyer checks seller experience, and if the seller writes about their experience then buyer choose them. In the Fiverr marketplace, you will write about your experience in the profile description.

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When potential buyers come and they read about your experience then they will hire you. Most sellers write fake experience Like: They have only 1 or 2 years experience they write 5 years experience this is a not good thing and also sellers write one year in profile description and two years in the gig description.

If you are writing in this way then the buyer does not hire you because your work displays in images and if your work is not very professional and you write with higher experience then expert or professional people don’t hire you.

The seller only writes which work they complete in past years. This is a professional way to write about your experience.

Here are some examples to say about your experience

I am professional Graphic designer and work with more than 1300 clients.

I work at Fiverr with 6 Years and my all clients Happy/Satisfied with my work.

I am Senior Content Writer and I Write over 2500+ articles in English Language.

Write About Your Skills

In every marketplace, the seller has the skill to provide services. If you are a seller at Fiverr and you provide services then you write about your skills at Fiverr profile description.

This is important for those people who purchase your services and they read your description.

For Example: If you are a content writer and you have two languages skills one is English and the second is German and you describe only one language in the description and the second language you write but you not give importance this will effect on your orders. Peoples come to your profile and they are German and they need articles in German language and you do not describe in the description.

These all things are important for the buyer to buy your services.

We only give example on content writing you will write about your niche or your skills.

Here are some examples to write about your skills

My Speciality to design Professional, and Attractive Logos for my clients

I am specialized to design Responsive WordPress Websites

I am a passionate Video Editor and edit all videos in Flimora

I am professional Graphic Designer and design business cards in adobe illustrator

I work with Canadian company and I design websites in WordPress

Use Basic English

Most sellers write very difficult English in their profile description. You need to write basic or easy English for those buyers who do not know any difficult words or phrases and they are very difficult to read descriptions and satisfy the seller because they do not read the description perfectly.

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Most buyers do not have a mother tongue in the English language and when they read your description then they confuse and check other seller gigs. You need to write basic English for every person and increase your order chances.

Avoid Grammar or Spelling Mistakes

The every seller needs to write perfect English and avoid grammar or spelling mistakes. The mistakes give a bad impact on the buyer and if the buyer read your description and they find mistakes then this will count in an unprofessional profile. If your English is not perfect and you need to write your description then you request any people to write a description for your gig.

If you request family and friends then they write in free of cost and you do not find any people then you hire a freelance content writer for your description and your description is easily written in $5 from Fiverr.

What is source file in Fiverr?

Source file means original file which will you create and send your client. In graphic designing your source file is which you create in software like PSD, AI, EPS these files are used in graphic designing.

Provide Free Offers

The mostly sellers is new at Fiverr and they have no reviews. The new seller needs to offer free demo services and they will help the buyer to choose your services.

The free offer is you write in profile description and they will help you to get more orders on Fiverr. If you are in any niche you need to offer the free small thing that makes the client satisfied because most buyers are confused with a new seller. If new sellers satisfy the client then they will hire more times.

For Example: If you are a content writer then you send a 100-word article for a demo and if you are a graphic designer then you send small graphics related to buyer need if they like your services then they will order your services.

This will you write in any niche but you write in one or two lines in the profile description.

How do you attract clients on Fiverr?

Write free offer, about Your skills about Your experience and say greeting 

these four thing you need to add in your description and client will attract with you.

Yes, Your picture will be uploaded in high quality. If you are unable to upload your picture for whatever reason, you may upload a professional logo instead.
Describe your services professionally, include keywords, and use basic English with no grammatical errors.

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