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What Are Revisions On Fiverr

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What are revisions on Fiverr

When sellers provide services on Fiverr, they will provide revisions. The revision means how many times the seller will revise their work. The revision process occurs when you complete your work and the buyer requests some changes.

For example, if you are a graphic designer and you design a business card you send the business card to your client. If the client wants to change the color of their business card, this is called a revision.

Unlimited Revisions

Most sellers write in their package, and description, that they will provide unlimited revisions. The unlimited revisions mean the buyer can revise their work for maximum time.

When you complete your order and the buyer revises their work 20 times and you change the work 20 times, you will not be able to say to the buyer why you revise their work 20 times because you will state in your package and description that I will provide you unlimited revisions, so you will not be able to say to the buyer no more revisions.

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If the buyer doesn’t like your work then you need to change it and if you don’t change, they’ll leave you a negative review.

Mostly, clients not revise their work with more time, they don’t disturb the seller and also they not like to revise the work with more times. If they do not like work then maximum revision will be 5 to 10.

If you are a new seller and you offer unlimited revisions, then that is an advantage because your chances of getting an order increase. On the other hand, if you are a new seller and your work is difficult then you don’t offer unlimited revisions.

For example, if you are a programmer and you develop a program in 10 days then you provide 1 or 2 revisions. However, if you are working on a small project then you will provide unlimited revisions.

Clients are very good if you complete their work according to their needs and requirements they will not ask for revisions and give you a great rating but if you do not complete their work they may ask for small revisions.

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The unlimited revisions meant the buyer will revise their work with no any limitations and if they will need to change things in many times then they will say the seller to revise their work and seller are revised their work with all time till the buyer will satisfy.
No, there is no any policy that every seller will need to provide revisions. If seller will think that I will provide revisions then they will provide and if seller will think that I don't need to provide revisions then they will don't provide revisions.

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