How to submit a proposal on Upwork

How to submit a proposal on Upwork

In case you are a beginner and you have sent a proposal on Upwork without receiving any response, we will guide you on how to submit a proposal on Upwork.

A professional proposal helps you get clients, work and earn money. If you make mistakes in sending requests but you don’t find mistakes on Upwork, we will guide to find your mistakes on submitting the proposal.

Below are the parts of a proposal and how to submit a proposal on Upwork.

Read the Project Description

When a client posts a job, you will need to read the full description. If you read the full description then you satisfy clients in a better way.

In addition to reading the job description in its entirety, you should also think about what is a client problem and how you will solve it. Then you will take the time to write your cover letter with your solution. If you don’t read the project description then how will you submit a proposal because you will don’t know what’s a client problem and what’s a client requirement.

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Check The Connects

When you bid on a job, you need to check connects. If you have connects available then you are able to post a request if you have not then you have to buy connects. There is no fixed number of connects to needed. More jobs are required more connects, or more jobs are required fewer connects. If you create an account, then Upwork will give you some free connects to post a job proposal.

Check the Client Payment

If you bid on a project, then you will check the client’s payment method. If the payment method is verified, bid on project. If the payment method isn’t verified, then find other clients because a verified client is more trusted than a non-verified payment method.

Check Links Given In Project Description

Check the links that the client provides in the job. If the link is given then you need to check them and then submit a proposal on Upwork.

Give Answers

The majority of clients have questions regarding the job. If the buyer asks questions and you post a proposal, give the answers. In this way, you will be able to get the project and satisfy the buyer. If you skip a question, you have the lowest chances of being hired since they ask questions to check your knowledge and skills.

Select Days In Proposal

As soon as you submit a proposal, Upwork asks you how many days you need to complete this job. If you complete the job fast then this is good because clients need fast delivery and high quality work.

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How you will get paid by project or by milestones

Upwork asks how you will get payment by project or by milestones. If there is a small amount of work to be done, you can select by project. The milestones are chosen if the project is long and the work is extensive

What is milestones?

When you divide payment into different parts then this is called milestones.

For example, if you design brand identity and provide logo design, business card design, and flyer design for $300, you will divide it. If you complete the first package, logo design, then you receive $100 payment, if you complete the second package, business card, then you receive $200 payment, and so on.

You finish the work and get paid.

Cover Letter

If you don’t write a perfect cover letter then you waste your time and efforts because you won’t get any orders or responses from clients.

Write Client Name

If you write a cover letter then you will need to write the client’s name. If client does not mention their name in job then find them.

How will you find client names on Upwork?

Identifying the client name is easiest if the previous reviews are available; previous customers write their names in reviews; if you don’t find their name then you just greet them.

Write About Job

The most relevant thing to mention in a proposal is that you will write complete information about the job. If a client needs a logo design with source file, you would write in your proposal that I will design your logo with source file. You would also assure your client that I am the perfect freelancer to complete your work with high quality. This will boost the client’s willingness to order your services.

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Write About Experience

Writing a request requires you to write about your experience. You will mention previous projects you have completed in the past.

Say Thanks in Last

Say thanks with your name at the end, if you write a complete proposal. This is a very positive sign and an imperative thing to write in a proposal.

Cover Letter Sample

Job Description:

We have a team of digital marketers and we will need some other digital marketers to work with us and join our team. If you are able to advertising ads on all platforms. You can show ads on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, and Linkedin to specific people. We will give you daily work. Send us a proposal and join our team.

Cover Letter


My name is Smith and I read the full job description, which stated that a team needed a digital marketer to advertise on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, and Linkedin.

I can easily work with your team and complete your all requirements within your specified time frame for these types of jobs. I am here to become a partner of your team because I have experience, skills, and I have huge knowledge of digital marketing.

I would appreciate it if you selected me and we could work together.

Thanks Regards,


Frequently Asked Questions

Send a daily proposal, create a professional profile, and write attractive description.
You can add images, a video about your services, a description, a portfolio link, and write your name and a photo.

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