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Cover Letter Sample For Upwork

What is a Cover Letter

A cover letter is a type of proposal, and it is very helpful to get a job. When sellers create an account on Upwork, they will create a cover letter and send it to the client to land a job from Upwork and earn money. If you don’t write a perfect proposal then the client will not hire you because you will not satisfy the client. For a seller to get jobs and attract clients to hire them for a long time and purchase their services again and again, they must pitch the most attractive proposal.

How do I write a cover letter for Upwork?

When beginners come to the site then they will not knowledge about how they will write a proposal to win a project. The best way to write a professional cover letter is you will mention all those things that the client write in the job description, and you will also introduce yourself and your experience

Here are some examples of Cover letter sample for Upwork

Job 1:


I am Phill and I am looking for an Android app developer to develop a professional calculator application for Android. The application must have all options to calculate the numbers. Post your previous work if you apply for this job.

Cover Letter 1

Hello Phill,

I read your complete description and I am ready to work with you. I will develop your calculator for Android with all features for example; addition, multiplication, subtraction, division and also add other helpful features which will help the user to calculate their amounts.

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I have some questions related to this job:

Is your application designed to be simple or fancy?

Is it only for Android and not for iOS?

I am a professional web and application developer with more than 7 years of experience and I have completed my bachelor degree in computer science. I have been using my skills to solve the problems of an American company for a long time. I have also worked with more than 100 clients on Upwork to develop their applications.

I will share my portfolio which will help you to select me to develop your app. I am available 24/7 and you can contact me at any time.


Job 2


I am Smith and I will need a graphic designer to design my perfume box for men, and women. Both designs are different for men and women.

A perfume picture must be added to the box, but the picture is illustrated in Illustrator. Drop your previous work from your proposal.

Cover Letter 2

Hey Smith,

My name is John and I am ready to design the box for your perfume product. I will illustrate your perfume image in Adobe Illustrator and then I will add on box. The box that I will design is very professional, and modern. I will not compromise on quality because quality is only what makes the product awesome.

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I am question to ask with you:

Do the sizes of the boxes I designed for men and women differ or are they the same?

Do I add the image to both boxes or only one box?

The portfolio for my designing work is given below.

My pleasure is to work with you to design your product box in high quality.

Job 3


I am Doe, and I need a digital marketer to promote my ads on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. The ads show only interested people. The advertisement is about mobile accessories. Interested in showing my ads on these platforms? Bid on your request.

Cover Letter 3

Hi Doe,

I am Smith and I will expertly complete your project. I will publish your ads on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. The ads show only those people who are interested in your products.

Mobile accessories are shown in the ads. This is a very effective category because customers in this category purchase products in higher quantities, so don’t worry I’ll display your products to those customers.

I am certified as a Google and I complete my courses on google, udemy, and Coursesa. I also completed a 2 years associate degree in marketing.

As a digital marketer in Europe, I sell Amazon and eBay products.

Job 4


I need 50 articles about fitness. The article is about diet and healthy food for fitness. The article length is above 1000 words and maximum is 2000.


Articles must be written in a professional way

No English mistakes

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No palagrism

Cover Letter 4


I read your project description, and you need articles written about fitness. You will need articles in diet and healthy food for fitness.

I can write 50 articles for you in a professional manner, without plagiarism or grammatical errors.

I have written more than 200 articles in different categories, and each one is changed into another article.

I also completed my bachelors degree in English from Germany and have 6 years of experience writing articles for my clients.

If you hire me, I can write your 50 articles in 1000 to 2000 words.

Job 5


I am Doe and I will need a graphic designer to design my book cover. The book is about baking recipes. On the cover, I need some graphics related to baking and a big cake. If you are capable of designing a attractive and professional book cover then post a request with your previous work.

Cover Letter 5

Hey Doe,

I am Smith, and I will design your book cover for baking. On the cover of the book, I will add graphics related to baking and a large delicious cake. I will create an attractive, and professional cover. I will give my efforts and time to designing your book cover.

I post this request because I have 10 years of experience in the design field. I work with a number of companies, and clients, so why wait when you can hire a professional graphic designer to design your book cover?

I have 1 question in my mind:

Are book covers only needed on the front side?

My portfolio link will be uploaded, which will satisfy you.

I am waiting to design your book cover.

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