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Not Getting Orders On Fiverr

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Not Getting Orders On Fiverr

In Fiverr, upcoming and older sellers are not getting many orders because there is a lot of competition, which is why sellers are not getting more orders. If you use Fiverr in the right way then you will receive regular orders.

This platform is helpful for new freelancers but first-time freelancers receive no orders and we will guide you to getting orders on Fiverr.

Sellers are not creating perfect gigs. When newly-arrived sellers create gigs, they put in some effort, but if they fail to add the right things to their gigs, they don’t rank.

Below are some things the seller needs to correct precisely.


If new seller create their gig then they will not add correct images you will need add attractive image and attractive thumbnail you will also need to add images with your keyword.

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For example, if you create a gig “I will design a mascot logo for you” then you add this title in all images, you will need to rename the name to your title name. This will help you to rank fast and get orders.

Use Low Competition Title:

If you search anything in Fiverr then Fiverr also give you suggestion you will need to use suggest keyword in your title because these keyword are low competition you will easily rank your gig on first page.

Send Daily Buyer Request:

If you create your gig, you will get 10 requests per day. You will write professional requests and send them to buyers. Don’t send the same proposal to every buyer. You need to write your proposal based on the buyer’s requirements.

Wait For Orders

Most sellers create their gigs and send buyer requests, but if they aren’t getting any orders, then they won’t invest the time or effort. Everything is possible with effort, but without effort nothing is possible. That’s why the seller wants to wait.

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You can create a professional gig and send daily buyer requests, then wait for orders. If you don’t receive orders then you can check your gigs. If you discover an error then you can create a new gig. It is possible that newly-registered sellers will not receive orders, but if they put in time and effort then they will get orders from Fiverr.


When the seller does not receive orders, they also check their description. If they will not add keywords and have grammar mistakes in their description then they will need to write a professional description for their gig.

Available Online

When buyers arrive, they will check which sellers are online, and if the seller is available, they will message them. Whether you’re a new seller or an older seller, you’ll need more time to be available online.

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