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How To Optimize Fiverr Gig

How To Optimize Fiverr Gig

Hi guys, today I will help you to rank your Fiverr gig on the first page if your gig is not ranked and you are waiting for an order then this article is very helpful for you. 

The Fiverr gig ranking is not very difficult but this is very important to rank your gig.

The Fiverr ranking system works on orders, reviews, keywords, titles, tags, descriptions images. 

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the main thing that can help gig to rank.

If your keywords are according to your niche then your gig is ranked on the first page.

In a gig, you add keywords in the description, tags, and title.

For example, your niche is Logo design your title is (I will design a logo for restaurants) this is a low competition keyword. In this keyword gigs create 3000 that means this keyword has no very crowd and you easily rank.

If you select a high competition keyword then your gig is very difficult to rank.

Images (Attractive and Cool Images)

The images are very important in every gig if your images are attractive, and cool then buyer click your gig and see your complete profile and packages the first image in the gig is called preview image.

If you provide services like Logo design then you will attach 5 to 10 attractive logos in your preview image buyers sees your logo in preview image then the buyer wish to design these types of the attractive and cool logo in my brand or company.

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In two other images, you will also add more logos which are also attractive and cool. I give example only logo design categories you will also implement on all categories like writing translation, programming, digital marketing, etc.

Importance of Video in the Gig

Video is very important to rank your gig on Fiverr. You will create a video 40-55 seconds.

In the video you will give information about your services the buyer is satisfied with your services and maybe the buyer order your services you will add a professional video in your every gig.

If you upload your video then your video was shown on your gig preview side if you do not upload a video on your gig go create a video and upload them if you are not able to create then hire a freelancer for your video.

Attach PDF Portfolio

A PDF portfolio is a good option for the seller if you will sell your services then add a PDF Portfolio in your every gig.

The portfolio must be attractive and professional. This portfolio give interest for buyers about your services.

The PDF Portfolio increase changes to buyers purchase your services and also you will create importance for your gig and your services. 

Importance of Description

In the description, you will explain your services in the text form.

In every gig, you will professionally add a description and describe your services.

First, you will give greetings like Hello, Hi, etc then you will define why my service is important which unique, different things I am provided in the other sellers.

This is the best way to provide information about your services. The adding description will also rank your gig. In the description, you will add tags, service name this will help you to rank Fiverr gig.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) is a section where the seller uploads questions and answers these questions, answers are related to their services.

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For example, (The Logo is Vector?) The answer is (Yes) this is called (FAQS) or any questions related to your services.


Packages is a section in which sellers provide price, delivery, revisions, etc in the form of packages this is called packages.

If you are a new seller at Fiverr then you provide a minimum price, unlimited revisions, minimum days in a delivery this all thing will affect the buyer.

For example: The buyer needs fast delivery, minimum price, etc then they visit the seller profile. The one seller will provide 3 days in delivery, 10 revisions, high price but buyer needs fast work and you will provide 2 days in delivery, unlimited revisions, and minimum price this is a change then buyer order your services and your Fiverr gig rank because buyer order your services and they will help you to rank your gig.

Promote your Gigs on Social Media

Social media is the best way to promote your gig and rank Fiverr gig.

You will share your gig on different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram you will share your gig in Facebook groups, run ads, share with friends, and also you will create a page according to your skills.

On Instagram, you will create an Instagram page and attach images, and share them with friends.

In LinkedIn, you will also create a LinkedIn profile upload the professional cover, profile, and images with #hashtags these ways to promote your gigs on social media platforms.

Create Gigs in the Multiple Niches

In a new seller, you will create a maximum of 7 gigs according to your niche.

For example: If you are an experienced graphic designer and you will create 7 gigs only logo design this is not the right way, the best way is you will create the first gig in YouTube thumbnail design, the second gig is logo design, the third gig is business cards design, the fourth gig is flyer design, the fifth is social media posts design,  the sixth gig is postcard design, the seventh gig is podcast cover art design this is the best way to create your gigs in one niche but different categories.

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I am giving an example only graphic design you will also implement in your niche.

Send Buyer Request

If you are a new seller at Fiverr then you will use the buyer’s requests to get the fast order you will bid on the projects.

In the new seller, you have no shows the buyer’s requests but after days the buyer’s requests show on your buyer request section.

In the buyer request, you will bid 10 buyer requests daily, you will also share your portfolio links in the buyer request, and the second method to get fast order and rank Fiverr gig is you will promote your gig on social media.

Stay Online

This is the best way to rank Fiverr gig is you need to stay online every time.

Thousands of buyers come daily to check which sellers are online.

If sellers are online they will inbox the sellers and give the details if you stay online and the buyer inbox you if you satisfied the buyer then your order is confirmed this is a very easy way to get fast orders and your gig is also rank.

Importance Reviews/Rating

Reviews are very important to rank your gigs if you maintain a high rating of 4.7 to 5.0 then your gig automatically ranks.

A high rating is also important for buyer’s satisfaction when the new buyer comes to the seller profile they check the seller’s rating this rating comes with previous buyers if you deliver the project fast and you will give the high quality then buyer happy with you and buyer give the high rating.

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