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How to Get More Buyer Request On Fiverr

How to Get More Buyer Request On Fiverr

Mostly buyers post their projects in the buyer request section and sellers send a proposal to win a buyer request and earn money but if you are a new seller then you will not show more buyer requests.

The older sellers at Fiverr have received more buyer requests because they are Level One, Level Two, and Top Rated Sellers, and they easily send their daily buyer requests but this is difficult for new sellers but today I will share my experience for getting more buyer requests on Fiverr. 

If you show for example 200 buyer requests then you will send only 10 buyer requests daily this is the Fiverr algorithm if you use your daily 10 buyer requests then your buyer request renews the next day.

Create Maximum Gigs

If you are a newbie at Fiverr then you will create your maximum gigs. Every new seller is allowed to create 7 gigs if you create 7 gigs then you will easily send daily buyer requests.

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The new seller faces an issue which is that the buyer requests have not come but if you create your maximum gigs then the buyer request will easily come.

If you create all your gigs then your gigs must be professional. The gig images, title, and description are according to your services and don’t add unrelated things which are not according to your services. This is the best way to get more buyer requests.

Add Gigs In Multiple Subcategories 

The sellers create their gigs and add all gigs in the same category. This is the wrong way. If you add one gig in one category then more buyer requests will come.

For example: If you are a graphic designer you will create one gig for business cards, the second gig is flyer design, the third is postcard design, the fourth is menu design, the fifth is logo design, the sixth is banner design, and the seventh is podcast cover art. 

This is an example you will implement according to your niche if you add gigs in multiple categories then more buyer requests show in your account this is a way to get more buyer requests if you try this trick then you will easily get more buyer requests.

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Active Online

When the Fiverr seller is active more online then chances of a buyer request is higher. Fiverr sellers are active online when day time in the USA, UK, and other European countries because most of the buyer requests come from these countries and your order chances through buyer requests will increase.

If Fiverr sellers are active more online then Fiverr promote more your gig and when buyer search services in Fiverr then the chances of showing your gig in the first page will increase.

Fiverr has an active seller filter and when Fiverr sellers online at Fiverr then buyers easily find your gig using the active online filter. 

Open Buyer Request Section 15 to 20 Times In a Day 

If you want to get more buyer requests then open the daily buyer request section 15 to 20 times and check-in at different times.

If you are a new seller, and you will open only 1 or 2 times a day then this is not possible to get more buyer requests.

If you are open the buyer request section then wait for a minute and if you want to check buyer requests in a separate subcategory then you will click on the upper right side filter, and you see sub-categories which you are adding in your gigs.

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Share On Social Media 

The new seller needs to boost their gig, and you will easily boost your gig using social media, and you will share your gig on multiple platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.

These platforms help to get some sells and if you generate sells then buyer requests will easily come on your buyer request section.

These all tips are not too difficult if you are successful at Fiverr then you will need to work hard and make them profile a top-rated seller.


The seller will send daily 10 buyer requests in 24 hours. If sellers send 10 requests in a day then they will not able to send more and after 24 hours the seller will be able to send 10 requests. This means the seller will send a maximum of 300 requests in a month.
The buyer request section empty means the seller will not receive any request and if the seller receives a request then this will appear in the buyer request section. We will be recommended you add your gig in multiple sub-categories to get more buyer requests.

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