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How to Make Money on Fiverr Without Skills

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How to Make Money on Fiverr Without Skills

In online, peoples earn money from freelancing by providing services in freelancing marketplaces. 

In freelancing marketplaces the sellers sell their services and buyers come all over the world and purchase their services according to their need. 

All types of services available in marketplaces like: Website design, App development, Logo Design, Article Writing, Video Editing, Video animations, and so on. 

The professional and expert sellers available in every category and when new sellers come to marketplaces then they will not receive any order or response from buyers.

The best and most popular freelancing marketplace is Fiverr. Thousands of sellers come and provide services and buyers purchase their services.

In the Fiverr marketplace mostly sellers don’t receive any order because they will not create a perfect gig but if your skills are professional and you create a professional gig then chances of order very increase. 

I already discussed

What is Gig On Fiverr?

The sellers provide services and they add descriptions, images, video, tags, packages, and these all things when adding on Fiverr then this is called a gig. 

Are Skills Required in Fiverr?

The experienced sellers are available at Fiverr and they are very professional in their skill but most sellers provide services with no technical skill and their work is easy and they do not need any difficult skills. 

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In this article, I completely guide you on how to make money on fiverr without skills.

The gigs I show you to earn money from Fiverr with no technical skill but you need to give time on Fiverr and create a professional gig.


In Fiverr buyers come and they will need to design a Facebook post, Instagram post, and other social media covers, banners, and posts and they will hire a freelancer to design all these things. 

Most sellers are professional graphic designers and they will design these all things in software like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Indesign but mostly sellers design these all things in Canva. 

The canva is a free software where people design any social media posts, banners, or covers. 

The ready-made templates are available in canva you need to change colors, fonts, images, and as needed. The results will be in Jpeg and PDF formats. 

Canva is also a paid software if your work is complete in free mode then you don’t need to purchase canva but if you need to work the best way then you need to purchase.

Is social media post design the best category at Fiverr?

Yes, If you design the best posts for your clients then this category is best for you. The clients pay high money to design their posts and banners. 

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Graphic Designer Description For Fiverr

Branding Services

When a new company or business starts then they will need their best name and slogan for their business and they hire a freelancer to choose their name. 

The best name for their business is very important because they will invest in the business and they need an attractive name and slogan for their business. 

In Fiverr the seller provides the name and slogan services according to client business. If you have not any professional skills or you have not time to learn any skills then you will provide services at Fiverr and you guide the best names and slogans for their business and company. 

The clients will pay high money to invest in their business. If you are creative and you have a piece of small knowledge about business then you will easily provide services at Fiverr. 


The peoples travel all over the world and they invest in traveling because they have an interest in traveling.

If new people go any country and they have not knowledge about what best restaurants and places in this country but in Fiverr the Seller’s provide information about their country and the seller’s charge a decent amount of money to give important points for their country.

The clients order their services because they need information for a specific country.

If you have don’t knowledge about skills then you provide this service at Fiverr and give full information about your country.

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Fitness Lessons

People need fitness information and they will hire a freelancer to collect fitness information. 

If you have not any skills or you want to earn money from Fiverr without skill then you provide this service at fiverr. 

In fitness lessons, you do not need any technical skills if you are the best in fitness or you have more knowledge about fitness then you will provide services at Fiverr and give fitness information.  

The clients pay high money for the freelancers. If you need this category then you go to Fiverr and click Lifestyle Category then click Fitness, all gigs show and you see all gigs. 

Cooking Lessons

If you are the best at cooking and you will easily cook food then you will provide services at Fiverr. In Fiverr people provide services and make a cooking video about client needs and then deliver orders. The client pays high money for their cooking video and when the video is ready the client uploads the video on YouTube and other platforms. If you have not any skill or you easily cook food and make a video then this category is best for you.

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