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Types Of Graphic Design Careers

Types Of Graphic Design Careers

Most people don’t know about designing careers and there are many careers for a designer. Designing is very interesting and people choose it as a profession. Those who want to know about graphic design careers should read this article.

There are many professions as a designer and we discuss 5 careers.

Career as a freelancer

Most creators are freelancers and they sell their services in freelancing marketplaces like Fiverr, Upwork, Design Crowd, Freelancer, and 99design.

These are platforms where creators provide services according to their skills. People choose to freelance as their primary occupation and complete daily projects to earn money.

By providing graphic design services, they earn $500 to $5000 per month. If you are working at home and you work in a comfortable environment then a freelancer is a better option for you.

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Career as a job

When a person has mastered the art of design, they can be hired by any company. People are easily able to join any company to earn money from their area, as there are many companies to choose from.

Generally, if a person wants to join a company, they will need to build a portfolio and intern at a reputable program before applying.

This is because the company will check the person’s past work and experience before accepting them. When someone has choose career as a job, they need to build their portfolio before joining any job.

The average salary for a designer is $1000 to $5000 per month. This is not for all and this is not the same for everyone. This is an idea for people who are new in this field.

Career In a Software Company

Graphic designers own a software company to increase their career options. The designers make a company because they have invested and they are able to manage a company.

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The creators earn a considerable amount of money by offering services in their local area. 

Creators of software houses offer services in their city or country and also hire other designers to offer services on the online marketplace. 

Local marketplaces are charging very high prices because they rent an office, pay lighting bills, pay their designers, and they have some other expenses coming from software companies. 

Additionally, the owner secures their profit in order for the company to succeed. When someone has investment and they’ve learned design and they think that what they’re offering will be useful to them, we recommend they open a business in the designing field.

Career as a product

There are many websites available for a designer where creators sell their digital products. If the person is skilled at creating templates, then they should be able to offer them on websites like Graphicriver, CreativeMarket, Freepik, and Shutterstock. For creators, these websites are ideal for selling their products.

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When we create things like business cards, logos, flyers, letterhead, and other graphics that are easy to create, then we sell them as a product.

For example, we will design a business card and sell them on Graphicriver. The business cards we make are one-time purchases, but they sell multiple times because we add them to the marketplace and when buyers find them, they will purchase them.

When we own a house, we receive it every month as rent. Our house was purchased once, and we receive rent each month.

The business cards are made once, and when buyers come and they like the card, then they buy it. The product has been available for years, and we earn money every month.

If you are a designer and you are very talented, then you should start your career as a product creator. If you create the first 100 digital products, you can earn $500 to $2000 monthly.

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