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Industrial Design VS Product Design

Industrial Design VS Product Design

Anyone who learns about designing begins to think about what career they want to pursue as an industrial designer or product designer. A designer’s job is not an easy one. Not everyone is interested in it, but most people are, and they choose this career. There are many types of designers like graphic, industrial, product, UX, UI, and many other types of designers available in the online and offline market.

Product Design

Decision making, design thinking, and the design process are the three most significant skills for any creator. Without these skills, the creator cannot succeed.

Most people don’t have much knowledge about product design. When we go to any store or mall, we purchase products and the box or package we get from our product is designed by the product designer.

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This niche is not easy. Creator spends time and effort to create a box or package for one product. The skills required in this niche are Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

Mostly we use Adobe Photoshop because this is raster-based software and there are many tools available in this application for creating product packages or boxes.

In the freelancing marketplaces, there are many packaging designers available. In order to create packaging for their clients, creators charge high fees. The clients come from all over the world and they agree to pay a high amount because they will need quality and professional work.

The average price of creating one box or package ranges from $50 to $150. If the person completes more orders then they earn more money or if the person gets fewer orders then they earn less money.

The designers are also getting jobs in software companies. Professional and expert creators are required by the companies to produce high-quality work.

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Industrial Design

Every designer has one objective, which is to solve a problem. Industrial design can create a product.

For example, when we look at any physical product and that product is designed by an architect. Our table lamp, cycle, car, and other products are all designed by industrial designers and then manufactured in factories.

The creator focuses on the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) because when the product is convenient for customers, it will become a successful product.

Initially, a manufacturing designer must sketch a product and then present it to the company or client. Adobe Illustrator is also used for sketching. The pen tool used for sketching is available in Adobe Illustrator. The creator needs a pen tablet specifically for sketching.

The average salary in the company for a designer is $1500 to $4000 per month and the annual income is $3000 to $48000.

This income is not the same for everyone since some people earn more money and most people earn less because earning depends on skills, experience, effort, city, and country.

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People are now confused about the path I choose as a career. We recommend that these things depend on personal interest. If the person is interested in manufacturing or if the person is interested in product development, they will choose product designing.

People choose a career and become successful because their decision is right and they feel better in these fields.

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