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What Is A Junior Graphic Designer

What is a junior graphic designer

When people learn graphic designing, and they handle a few jobs, then they will be called a junior graphic designer. Although every graphic designer completes the same tasks or uses the same software and skills, we say that a person who is brand new to graphic design, and has limited knowledge about designing, will be a young graphic designer. Designers design everything, but junior graphic designers do only minor tasks and provide services that people need.

As a junior graphic designer, our responsibilities are to create simple designs and solve other people’s problems. The designers know how a professional design will be created, and they must know that color theory and design patterns will be used to produce a design.

Junior graphic designers are full of knowledge about software and tools. If a designer lacks experience in using software then the most commonly used software would be Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, and Adobe Premium Pro. Additionally, Adobe After Effects, and FLimora for video editing, and animation.

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In order to get jobs and provide services on freelancing platforms, junior graphic designers need the following.

Experience In Graphic Design

A junior graphic designer must have some years of experience before they can work at any platform or software agency. Logos, business cards, flyers, posters, brochures, and some other things that the designer needs to learn then create.

Communication Skills

Communication skills are a problem for junior graphic designers. To communicate with their clients in freelancing marketplaces, designers need communication skills. In freelancing marketplaces, there are very designers available, but they don’t communicate to their clients in the best way, or they don’t describe their skills attractively and when clients are not satisfied with the designer then they will not order their services.

Provide Work With High Quality

Designers need to provide high-quality work and use their skills to design everything. Whenever someone approaches a junior graphic designer with work such as brand identity design, label design, and other work that every company and brand needs, the junior designer has a duty to complete all work in high quality.

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Expert in designing web elements and print media

The designer is an expert in web design and print media. In web designing, they will design websites in Photoshop and then developers convert PSD to HTML or other languages. The designer knows how to design things related to print media. In print media, the graphic designer has added trim marks, safe margins, and bleed to print designs with high quality.

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