Can I Learn Graphic Design On My Own  

Can I learn graphic design on my own

Graphic design is the most effective skill to learn, and this skill is highly demanding. Everyone needs a graphic designer. A graphic designer creates any element that helps a company or brand create a new product. A product will not be created without the help of designers. Many graphic designers learn graphic designing on their own and many expert designers also learn designing independently.

They will not join an institute, but they are passionate about the design field. If people have no interest in designing, then they won’t learn graphic design on their own.

It is possible to learn graphic design on one’s own at home, and people will not need to commute anywhere to study graphic design.

Learn From YouTube

The first way to learn graphic design on your own is you will need to learn through YouTube. This method is convenient for every person because every person has an internet and every person has YouTube. Many channels on YouTube will teach you everything about designing and there are very professional mentors available who will give you full knowledge about designing and make you an expert. There are many software products used for designing and all software has tutorials available on YouTube.

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The most common software used in graphic designing is Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign.

The graphic designer needs to have a very clear understanding of these tools because, without them, they cannot create any design.

A student can easily learn these courses if they search on YouTube for graphic design courses, Adobe Photoshop courses, and Adobe InDesign courses.

Learn From Udemy

Udemy is a paid platform where professional mentors come and upload their courses. The courses are available in many categories. There are many courses available at Udemy which are paid and course durations are long.

The courses are clear in all aspects and graphic design is taught by very qualified teachers whose way of teaching is also excellent. The courses offered are in logo design, business card design, print media design, and much more.

Learn From Coursera

Coursera is also a big website where people come and sell their courses. The platform is very comprehensive, and students also get a certificate for completing the course. The big institutes and universities are teaching about designing, and they will cover all things which every designer needs to learn. If someone learns on their own, then they will start learning.

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As compared to Udemy, the price of the Coursera is higher. In Udemy there are fewer fees and many times Udemy will give a discount on courses, but Coursera fees are high, and their courses have come from expert mentors.

Learn From Google

Google is a very large platform where everyone can learn anything. In Google there are many platforms and sites are available which will teach you about graphic designing, and you will easily learn by searching on Google.

The sites write articles about designing, and they will give you very helpful knowledge, and most people teach you the same Google knowledge in paid courses. Many websites offer information about graphic design and give information about color theory, design patterns, software, and tools.

If someone wants to pursue graphic design by themselves, there are many platforms available and there are many ways to study from home or for free. If a person is interested in learning, then they will acquire knowledge from any platform or site.

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