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Visual Effects Artist Job Description

What is visual effects artist?

Visual effects artist are responsible for the computer-generated imagery that is used in movies and television shows. They are responsible for all of the special effects and 3D animation that make a movie look realistic. Visual effects artists come up with ideas for the visuals, work with the directors to plan out what will be done, and then go ahead and complete the task.

Is a Visual Effect Artist a Good Career?

Visual Effects Artist is a career that can be very fulfilling and rewarding, but it also takes a lot of hard work and dedication. If you are passionate about art and want to work with computers and design graphics, then this is the career for you. Visual effects artist is a job that can also lead to other opportunities such as working in the film industry or even becoming a 3D modeler.

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Visual Effects Artist Job Description



I am Smith an experienced visual effects creator. I create any type of visual effect for your videos.

I offer business plans, post-production, visual effects, and animation for your short films, films, commercials, YouTube videos, and websites. Additionally, we produce full-blown presentations of products and brands.

I offer you the below things

Visual Effects


Motion Tracking 

Color Correction


Video Transitions

If you have any questions, then inbox me I will be happy to answer your question.

Thank You

Example 2


I am John,

Having worked in television and advertising for over 6 years, I have experience creating visual effects as well as directing, editing, and sourcing.

Currently, I am employed as a media producer at a Media Company. I also do freelancing to show my skills all over the world. A wide variety of experience in Adobe Premier, Autodesk 3D, After Effects, and Cinema 4D. I have also a bachelor’s degree in media and I do 10 diplomas to provide high-quality work to my clients.

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I have expertise in these things:

Green screen keying

Muzzle flashes


Bullet holes

Object removal




Color grading and correction



If you have any type of work regarding my services then contact me, I will happy to discuss your project.

Example 3


Welcome to my profile,

Having worked on VFX and CGI compositing for more than six years, I can do any work you need for VFX, CGI, color grading, or video editing. I will do all your work with no hassle.

If you have any footage and you want to add something new to your footage then send me, I will give full time and effort to create the footage according to your needs and wishes.

For your project use, I am happy to provide you with a vast collection of visual effects, footage of animals, and dancers and actors captured on a green screen.

I will easily do these effects

Visual effects

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 Logo animation

Motion Graphics




Video Effects

Animation (2D and 3D)

I offer you these services

2 days of free support

98.9% customer satisfaction

Fast response

Quick delivery

Friendly communication

If you want quality work don’t hesitate to contact me.

Looking forward to working with


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