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Graphic Design VS Digital Marketing

Graphic design and digital marketing are two separate fields. When new people come at learning they don’t know the difference between the two fields. Online marketplaces or software companies are different from them and of course, these are different from each other.

People are confused as to which niche I choose as a career, but we provide clear guidance on what is the most suitable option.

Graphic Design

Graphic designing is the most in-demand service in online marketplaces. People provide services in this niche and there are many clients available to get their work done.

The designers create logos, business cards, flyers, letterheads, brochures, and many other things you see in online marketplaces that designers provide.

The designers earn a very handsome amount of money every month. They charge their clients high prices because designers are creative in their field and every designer has a different design in mind.

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There are so many clients available. We think that on freelancing websites, the most selling services are graphic designing. Every company or business needs a designer to start.

They come to freelancing sites and hire designers to make their company logo, business card, and other key items.

The average salary for a designer is $1000 to $5000. This is not actual income. An individual’s income is determined by their skills, experience, and knowledge.

The freelancer completes the project and the average price per project is $100 to $500. The more orders you complete the more money you earn.

If the person is a beginner, they earn a lower amount of money and if the person is an experienced professional, they earn more money.

There are many creators on freelancing websites and every creator receives daily orders. Logo design, and business card design are subcategories of design and there are 10 categories and these categories are high paying. The other sub-niches are also available but 10 are top and high paying.

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The newbie doesn’t know where they are in their learning process. There are many ways to learn. Google and YouTube are reliable places to learn for free. There are many mentors and experts available who will teach you free of cost and give you the most valuable skills.

Students will apply to any institute if they cannot understand what they are reading on the Internet. There are many institutes available in every city and people can easily join and learn the skill.

Digital Marketing

Every company needs a digital marketer to market its products. People choose digital marketing as a career and provide services in online marketplaces.

The digital marketer needs to learn to advertise ads on Google, Youtube, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.

These are social media platforms and you easily advertise your ads on these platforms. The freelancers earn money by selling their services and clients pay high prices to promote products and sell them on social media.

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There are many clients in this niche and this skill is high paying. The digital marketer advertises ads and when they advertise ads according to their company’s specifications, clients will be satisfied.

The average salary for a marketer is $1000 to $3000. Salaries are for full-time employees, while if you are a freelancer, you earn according to your projects.

The average project price is $100 to $500. The project price depends on social media platforms and the client’s budget because the client gives you money to advertise the ads.

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